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General Questions

It depends on the level of services, the quantity of personnel and equipment and other factors. The mix of armed security, unarmed security, event ushers, or other staff you need will influence the price. We offer Free Proposals for any of our services.

We accept major credit cards, company checks, and bank transfers. Billing terms vary according to the client and type of service.

Yes. In addition to completing thorough background checks on our staff, they receive in-house training for their respective assignments. Our armed security personnel have completed all government courses required for a professional security officer in the State of Illinois. Our staff also includes off duty police officers.

We understand that carrying out security services must be done with consideration of laws and liability risks. Our armed and unarmed security act within the bounds of Federal and State laws. Each guard or supervisor will be provided written duties and procedures that have been developed from discussions between the client and our company. Obviously, in dire situations, our guards will take the most prudent action to preserve the safety of those involved. Security guards are trained to detain offenders and know the legalities for executing an arrest. Our off duty police are able to act quickly if the need arises to issue and arrest.


Services Info

Private security primarily consists of trained security guards. These guards are tasked with on-site surveillance. Required to pass our strenuous training program prior to employment, our security guards can be hired for a wide variety of services including corporate security, loss prevention, mobile patrol, special events security, fire watch security, and personal bodyguards.

Every single security guard that works for We must complete a mandatory training program. A custom-designed training program, we first provide our employees with a comprehensive orientation. Stretching beyond the requirements of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, orientation includes first aid, CPR, and WHMIS training. Next, we educate our employees on customer service methods. Understanding customer needs and expectations is important and we want our employees to be educated in this area.

Our security services are used in a wide variety of industries. Hospitals, airports, museums, banks, retail shops, residential areas, warehouses, and commercial properties are just a few of the popular areas where our services are used.

We equip our security guards with the latest technology. This allows them to be as effective and efficient as possible when watching for and reporting suspicious activity. This also allows guards to be vigilant in reporting and responding to citizen or client concerns.


Emergency Questions

Our team will work with you to assess your specific situation and needs. A detailed, customized security service plan will then be provided. Any guards or guard unit you hire will be fully prepped on all duties and procedures that have been discussed by both the client and Mission Defense Security. We are committed to facilitating good communication between our management team, our employees, and our clients.

Approximately 800+ security guards currently work for Mission Defense Security. Fully trained and working in an array of different industries and locations, our guards are continuously available for a variety of assignments.

Mission Defense Security offers a Special Services Unit (SSU). This mobile, highly responsive, and specially trained group of security guards is based in Mission. The main function of this unit is to immediately respond to any client within the city and provide any necessary protection or safety services.

Working closely with local police, the SSU coordinates their activities to ensure as much additional safety and protection as possible for clients. Gang infestation, stalking, labour disputes, etc. are just a few of the issues that SSU can be alerted to whenever needed.

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