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We Are A Group Of Professional Security Guards

Mission Defense is Mission`s leading Security firm, providing a full range of Security Services. We are fully licensed and insured so as to serve you safely and responsibly. The superior quality of our Security Guards, Mobile Security, Alarm Response, and other Specialized Security Solutions has earned us our place on top of the security industry. Our clients value efficiency and economy so we customize our Security Services and prices to meet your needs. Our highly-trained Security Specialists are ready to provide you with a Free Security Consultation in person. Mission Defense Security have raised the bar for quality security guards standards in the Mission security industry by providing multi-tier support from an engaged management team. With an account manager and field supervisor, Mission Defense Security mitigates risks and focuses on identifying and resolving problems before they become a problem. Whatever your security needs may be, think Mission Defense Security for all your security guard Needs.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your SECURITY

Our Mission

Mission Defense Security provides quality security services that clients have grown to depend on. Our brand exudes quality with surprisingly competitive and affordable pricing. 

While being recognized as a ‘reliable’ and ‘practical’ security provider, our constant objective is to provide the highest quality of professional and personalized service without exceeding your budget.

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We Recognize That There Are Many Security Firms Seeking Your Business. What Makes Central Protection The Company You Should Hire?